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Albert Reyerman - TREE-Edition




Dear Friends of the Lute,
Tree Edition existed for 40 Years from 1980-2020.
Albert Reyerman published over 250 books.
He died in December 2020 after a heroic fight against his cancer.
In accordance with the authors and publishers Albert Reyerman
has decided, that all publications of TREE Edition shall be available for free after his death, 
that was his gift to the lute society.

The .pdf-files are kindly hosted by
the American and the English Lute Society:




Albert Reyerman

"Man muss das Unmögliche versuchen,
um wenigstens das Mögliche zu erreichen"

The History of TREE EDITION

 by Albert Reyerman

German version

English version

In the japanese word "Shibumi" he found what he always stand for which refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.
We found his letter which said:
"Albert was not torn from life -

he has completed his life in the best sense."

San Francisco
San Francisco
La Palma
La Palma
Albert and his grandchildren
Albert and his grandchildren

Every noble work is at first impossible.

Thomas Carlyle
Scottish essayist and historican


A Tree and Me

Please carve no cold headstone for me
but rather plant a sapling tree
And lay my ashes beneath its foot
so through my body it takes root

Then as the seasons come and go
my monument and I will grow
Wave bright green flags at summer's sky
and harbor birds who happen by

We'll bronze each autumn, bloom with spring,
and wear the white coats winters bring
The tree I marry with my dust
will husband me with rooted thrusts

Our seed will scatter far and wide
across God's fertile countryside
And soon an arbor family
will share our immortality
A tree and me

Oscar Jr. Brown

If you have any questions or wish to stay in contact please write an email to Alberts daughter Meike Reyerman: meirei (at) gmx.net

TREE EDITION - Music Publishers - Germany

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